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She Put the Lime in the Coconut, She Drank ‘Em Both Up . . .

ImageMaybe that’s what I was supposed to do? New things can sometimes be a challenge, and I have to admit I’ve never been much of an adventurous eater. I like what I like and then repeat. That is, until I started wondering what my food choices were doing to my body. I was also unsatisfied after the 15 lb. weight loss I had a year ago, which led to a plateau and — in all honesty — no real lifestyle change. I needed a program that would transform my food cravings and that I could follow long-term.

As I’ve already shared, I embarked on the Paleo (specifically Whole30) diet this week and am on Day 2. As such, with my morning cup of ‘Joe, which thankfully is allowed on this program, I had to omit the creamer that I love, along with the Splenda, which I really only use in my coffee. Instead, I opted for my first taste of coconut milk in lieu of dairy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like coconut. And I thought the “vanilla-flavored” version I selected from Trader Joe’s smelled delicious in the carton. At first sip, I could barely taste it in the coffee and I definitely missed the sweetness of my two Splenda packets. So I added more coconut milk to try to up the flavor and sweetness. Now, with about a half cup gone, I’m feeling incredibly nauseous. A quick Google search confirmed that this is not uncommon when first being exposed to it, since coconut milk has a lot of fat. Suggestions include trying less and then working up to more. Also drinking it on an empty stomach was probably a no-no.

However, I will not be discouraged! I loved the herbal pumpkin spice tea that I bought and tried yesterday, and it would be a good substitute if I decide to forgo coffee altogether. This diet is about retraining your taste buds and breaking addictions or cravings for the foods that may be harming us or wreaking havoc with our metabolism. If anyone reading this has had a similar experience with coconut milk, I’d love to hear from you!



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8 thoughts on “She Put the Lime in the Coconut, She Drank ‘Em Both Up . . .

  1. Good for you! I’ve not had much luck with coconut milk in my coffee, although I do alright with almond milk. I’ve also made almond milk with a couple of dates blended into it to make a slightly sweeter creamer – which sounds like it might work for you. Good luck with your new food plan!

    • Thanks for your comment and suggestions! The best thing about sharing this experience is interacting with others who have tips, encouragement and feedback. I think I’ll try almond milk if I continue to have an issue.

  2. i agree w/ above…try almond milk! there’s also a coconut/almond milk blend that almond breeze has available (unsweetened) – good luck!

  3. Does paleo say anything about Stevia? It’s a natural no-cal sweetener proven safe for kids and diabetics. I’ve been experimenting and like the taste. I gave up splenda when it was implicated in some disease conditions… And of course I try to stay as far away as possible from sugar. Stevia is also proven not to crank up sugar dependency like artificial sweeteners do :). More on my blog – also, all about coconut oil 🙂

    • Thanks Vinny! I’ve heard a lot about Stevia, and it’s often brought up in Paleo discussions. While many say it’s acceptable for long-term Paleo, the verdict for the Whole30 is that it’s off-limits. According to the program’s founders, the program is designed to break cravings and dependencies on sugar, dairy, grains and legumes in order to retrain your taste buds. After the Whole30, I’m sure it’s fine, but I’m going to at least give it my best for 30 days and not substitute. I’ll definitely check out your blog and learn more about coconut oil. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I’ve looked into paleo as I love meat… but just couldn’t live without yogurt and the occasion cheese treat. I admire your resolve – good luck!

  5. Thank you! I love cheese AND milk, but I figure I can do anything for 30 days (knock-on-wood), and if the results are worth it then I’ll keep it up!

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