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The Joy of Detox

ImageToday I woke up and Googled: “Paleo headaches”. Luckily, one of the first search results that came up was Paleo Plan’s post for Dreaded Detox. To my surprise (and relief), dozens of Paleo newbies experienced or were going through the same feelings I have on Day 3: headache, body aches, dizziness, fatigue, and all-around flu-like symptoms.

So what was up with that, I thought? From everything I heard this diet was supposed to make me feel FANTASTIC, with more energy and a lot less of the yucky stuff I had been feeling for months! Turns out that my body is ridding itself of all the toxins that I had been loading up on for years: sugar in all of its purest form, but also sugar that’s contained in the wheat, grains and pasta that I had overindulged in. Also any negative effects of dairy, gluten and even alcohol (although my normal intake averaged a few glasses of wine per week).

At the same time, my body is being shocked — but in a good way — by all of the great things it’s now getting, like strictly organic fruits, meats and veggies, rich with vitamins and free of hormones, pesticides and other additives! Time for the HAPPY DANCE!

What a relief to not only discover that this is a normal process, but that these symptoms are a good thing and a sign that the new program is working! With this new knowledge, I ate my breakfast, consisting of coffee with almond milk (which agreed with me much better than yesterday’s coconut milk), a banana and two eggs. Within the hour I felt great.

I know that this is the right path and am so excited for the healthy results that are undoubtedly to come. If any of you have experienced similar detox symptoms on this or another diet, please chime in. And for you PR folks, thanks for your patience as I have veered into this new realm. I have a PR-related (but life lesson post) coming your way shortly . . .



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